Reraed – OOPS – Reread

Tracey B. Regimbal

        I am the type of person that answers a question before the sentence is finished. If you’re in my boat you probably also hate editing too. It is important to give that final push to proof read and re-read because it could make the difference between right and wrong.

What happens if you don’t?

Well, from an academic point of view you may get a lower grade or a wrong answer. From a professional point of view? You probably won’t just loose the job but you may receive a bad reputation for it as well.

An example from my own life is when I just graduated from my first degree and was mass applying to jobs. Every cover letter needs to be tailored to the job but for similar positions I got into the bad habit of using an existing letter as a template. Only when I received an email response from the employer did I realize my error. I had addressed by “Passion for their company” and accidentally named the wrong company! I had forgotten to change the name of their competitor, to whom I had first applied to. Furthermore the competitor’s name was listed again in my sign off! …was my face red when…

If only I had re read the letter! It was such a great cover letter but somehow I didn’t get either jobs and I can’t help but think it was due to my lack of effort in the editing department. Now I make sure I walk away for a break and come back fresh before I submit anything (at least I try to).

If you find yourself exhausted from applying on jobs and your last cover letter you just skim over, go back and reread it later! If you finished a tedious exam and have no energy left and can’t wait to exit those double doors, just look it over one last time. This little bit of effort will really solidify your grades or procure you that job you’ve been pining for.

Tracey B. Regimbal

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