What? The Semester’s Over?!

Tracey Regimbal

February was the time you were looking into summer jobs, but it was too early to apply. March was when you had no time to apply. April is when you finish school and have no idea what to do.


What’s the next step? It’s important to start with a basic game plan: where do you physically want to be for the summer? Are you happy to travel for work? Will you be staying on campus? Do you head home for the holidays?

If you can make this basic decision then the next steps are a lot easier. If you stay on campus, could you complete courses over the summer or you can approach your professors for research assistant positions? Are you interested in internships/volunteer work, or are you looking for a paying job. If you’re looking for a paying job, would you settle for something basic like a café job, or will you be seeking something in your field?

You can think about the things below and it might make your decision making a  bit less stressful.


Where do I want to be? 

a)      On Campus

b)      At home

c)      Abroad

d)     Anywhere


What do I want to do?

a)      Summer Classes

b)      Research assistant

c)      Internship / volunteer

d)     Paid work

e)      Travel


What do I need to do?

a)      Register for courses

b)      Contact professors

c)      Contact potential employers

d)     Prepare CVs and cover letters

e)      Apply for visas or passport


The CAPS website is always a great way to start the search. The job postings are really up to date and give you information on the companies, if you want to contact them directly. They offer job postings of all sorts! This includes everything from nannying to international job postings.

Check them out:


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