Summer Classes


Summer Classes are an amazing way to catch up on some credits, get ahead and explore new possibilities. I think many are reluctant to try it out but think about this: When would there be a more beautiful time to be on campus? We spend all winter trudging up to class, avoiding traffic and falling snow while slipping down the hill but do you ever stop to admire how beautiful McGill really is?!Remember the first day you were on campus and you felt like you were about to enter a sorting ceremony at Hogwarts? Summer classes offer an opportunity for reliving the McGill magic.

If that doesn’t sell you, consider how much you can gain from summer classes. Many of these classes last just over a month and then you’re done! And don’t assume it’s less knowledge either, taking these condensed sessions really keeps you on your toes! Also it’s an amazing time to get to know professors (and ask for reference letters maybe…). The classrooms tend to be smaller, the conversation better and the stress contained into a neat and tidy month (or so). I always seem to retain more from these classes and my marks always improve as a result.

So think about it, you could take less classes during the year, potentially graduate early or just enjoy the campus life in the sun (or warm evenings). ¬†Alternatively you should look into interuniversity exchanges during the summer! Like Crepuq¬†or go abroad. You can transfer over credits to help fulfill your degree and it’s great to have experience at another university (even add it to your CV). Plus, with the temperature rising air conditioned classrooms may seem like a safe haven in no time!


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