Having a Bad Day? The 5 Minutes Fixer Upper

 I am sure we have all been there…The day just did not start right and you had a feeling it will stay like that. Besides a major traffic jam that barely allowed you to get to work on time, a co-worker called in sick and it’s the day of a major deadline. Now you have to handle double the work and make sure everything is in top notch shape for the report due to the VP of Sales, who by the way is not the most lenient person. If you are cringing because you recognize too much of this story, cringe no more. Here are some great things that I discovered that help me relax, stay focused and “magically” get through the day with my head held high.

1. Go for a walk

I’m serious! Take 5 minutes to go outside and walk it off. If it’s too cold, just go up and down the stairs two times. Walking and walking away from the place of tension has a double effect. One, gets you away from the turmoil, allowing you to disconnect, plan and view things more clearly and objectively. Two, do not underestimate the power of endorphins! Getting a bit of a work-out into your work day, has a proven way of lifting your mood and get you to a happier place mentally. If you doubt this, then add the next step in

2. Listen to music

Even if Ipods and MP3 Players are not allowed in the office, step outside and get your grove one. Listen to a racy, “Make me wanna dance” song or a more serene, “Café del Mar” tune while taking a walk, or just staying outside the office building. There is no mystery when it comes to the tremendous positive effects of music. Then, go back in and make things happen. I know you can, and so do you!

3. Take a coffee break

I might be biased here, as I really love my cup if Java or a good strong espresso. Nevertheless, getting away from your desk is the perfect way to disconnect. Oh, and when I mean coffee break I mean a coffee shop or the deli outside not the one from the kitchen in the office. The idea is to move away so that you let your mind literally brainstorm away from the tensed. Plus, the coffee is a great way to get all the energy back, should you hit the mid day blues.

These are my 5 minutes jewels, and many variations can come from it. The takeaway though is that when things get tensed you need to find away to disconnect so you can be objective and not get caught up in the turmoil.

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