Do Your Country a Favour. Leave.

There are many advantages of doing study abroad or going overseas for graduate school, such as making employers say, “I want you.”

Please read the following in a British accent, “Do your country a favour – leave,” as it was an admissions officer from King’s College who said that at the QS Grad School Fair that I attended last week.  CaPS’ Linda Cicuta, who was presenting at the Thinking About Grad School workshop, also said that it is encouraged for students to go to a different school for graduate studies.  As such, I will discuss the professional benefits of going overseas.  Then I will analyze a potential dilemma.  Say, hypothetically, you fall in love with the man of your dreams, and do not want to go far away?

First, let’s examine the benefits of getting an international education.  It shows:

  • Commitment to the study of a foreign language.
  • Ability to interact with a diverse group of people.
  • Refined perspective of the world.
  • Exposure to new ideas.
  • Adaptability to new environments.
  • Awareness of diversity.
  • Preparedness to face challenges.
  • Independence.

According to British Mr. Admissions Officer, these can even be acquired if you work in an Irish pub.  Dog’s bullocks!

Now, I would like to dissect a hypothetical dilemma.  On one hand, you want to acquire the benefits mentioned above.  On the other hand, you do not want to leave your hypothetical soul mate here while you go to the other side of the world.  It’s time for a conversation with your head and heart:

Heart: Stay. You love him.
Head: Think about your career.  You are studying international development.  Tanning on a beach during a vacation in Mexico is not the type of hands on international experience employers want to hear about.
Heart: Quebec has been recognized as a nation.  It’s also a five hour flight away from home.  De plus, la langue est différente au Québec.  See, you’ve already acquired the benefits mentioned above!
Head: Are you going to stay at McGill then?
Heart: I would be ecstatic to do so!
Head: How are you going to convince the admissions people to accept you?
Heart: I’ll write, “Pretty please, with a cherry on top, accept me to McGill for grad school.  I want to live happily ever after with my dearest.”
Head: Good luck with that.

That was completely hypothetical of course.

In any case, doing study abroad or getting your Master’s degree in a foreign country leads you to gain many skills and experiences that are valued by employees.  Nonetheless, some may need to prioritize going away with other aspects of their life, whether it is their significant other, family, best friend, or job.

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