5 skills women need

Trying to balance everything in our daily lives can sometimes be a real challenge. Today’s job market is becoming very competitive, therefore we must put our game face on everyday! Studies have demonstrated that the number of women entering the workforce or who are in the workforce is climbing, however its getting ahead that is still an uphill climb. By trying to learn some new set of skills, you can add some important assets to your repertoire, and definitely be a game changer      1) Inspire the team. Be the colleague that everyone loves to work with and loves to have around. Being the team player will definitely score some points for you.

2) Learn how to negotiate. Don’t jump on that job offer without thinking it all the way through. Always remember  that you can negotiate. Do the research on the comparative benefits and salaries.

3) Learn how to disguise your nervous habits.  From experience when I’m nervous I always tend to sweat, therefore if I have a big presentation, I will dress in a way where my sweating won’t be exposed through my clothes.

4) Be confident and strong. Always stay calm and collected this will show your confident. Never come off as pushy.

5) Align your skills with that of the company. Show off your unique set of skills, this will demonstrate your value.

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