Engineer-MY DREAM

Every creature is offered a shoe size by God. Animals choose never to transcend from the limitation – they even do not consider the existence of it; yet, human beings are fortunately able to break out new grounds. Most people are afraid of this privilege and choose to travel along with elder generations. These people might have some level of achievement but they can never make flawless great individuals. Unlike them, I feel honored to seek out a beautiful pair of shoes, a promising path, and a stunning destination to live up my life responsibility for myself.
My responsibly is never to obtain a certain flamboyant career because I know that choice cannot earn my long commitment or my courage. Thus, I, endowed a pair of stilettos, choose not to waste myself and determine to be a female engineering: I always make sure my shoes are tight enough so I will neither lose them nor get confused by attractive side view. My destination is encouraging but without any vanity – I am only driven by my conscious brain. I am doomed to run with my shoes for my self-interest in engineering, the society’s request of engineers, and our general need of female engineers. I have a voice coming out from me and firmly believing my goal is meritorious. I never dream about my future career since I refuse to observe it far away or idealize it. I value and cuddle it. I understand my unknown path will be full of obstacles but nothing can drain out my passion – I know my stilettos will not be threatened nor despised by any iron toes!

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