Pursuit: rejection, funks, and being enough

Divya Pahwa writes about young-lady career advice in the monthly series Pursuit, here on the McGill Caps Blog.

Sometimes things don’t always go your way, and that sucks. I’ve asked some of my most beloved people and turned to my best resources (See my bit on mentors here: Pursuit: Applying product development strategies to your life to bring to you (and me!) some solid lady advice when facing rejection, life funks and the like.

My mom

My mama’s a petite, kind, headstrong, and fiercely smart Indian lady. In tough times my mama turns to spirituality. She’s Hindu by religion and she’ll mull over the meanings of ancient scriptures and prayers to find wisdom to get her through. She adds, “things take time, if you exercise a little patience, keep your head high, keep working hard, you’ll get what you want.” Lately she’s been quoting Churchill,  “Divya, just remember success is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm.”

My brother

My brother’s a tall, big, gentle, and an incredibly sensible man. Regarding ANY sort of rejection, he says, “you have to separate the emotional response from the circumstance…you can’t have a rational outcome when you’re reacting to a situation irrationally.” You have to find the lesson and move on. Keep working and stop mulling over it.

My mentor

No B.S. advice from my mentor: “When life get’s you down, people will tell you to take it easy. Smile, nod and ignore it. And get back to your work.” (See: Pursuit: Confidence and BullShi*)

 Jen Dziura

Jen has an amazing post on getting out of funks and failures. Rephrasing any of it won’t do her justice; I recommend you read it.

Here’s a preview:

“…doing great and then doing terribly, failing, moving to New York, failing some more, then figuring out some things — led to my living without health insurance for a decade….”

I’ve posted about her before, see: Pursuit: Five awesome pieces of advice. By far some of the best lady-career advice out there.  Also, see how her advice has helped me out, here.

Later this week I’ll be posting on the necessary ubiquity of new years resolutions and a round up of posts from this past year.

Send in your questions/suggestion to Divya at divya.pahwa@mail.mcgill. See her past posts here.

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