Mirror, Mirror on the wall, Who Gets the Best Jobs of Them All?

When I was younger, I used to attach a picture of myself on my Resume. I have since stopped this practice, as I learned it was not good practice. The reason being that employers are not supposed to receive pictures because they are not allowed to discriminate on looks. How very admirable employers of the world, thank you for being ever so fair.

But is this really the case? According to Forbes, beautiful people tend to earn (on average) $23,000 more than their genetically inferior coworkers. Studies have determined that traits like being thin, pretty, ‘well endowed’, flirtatious and in possession of a brilliant smile are all desirable qualities in women, while being tall, handsome, and well built help men procure employment. Beautiful people are more likely to be hired, be promoted and earn more. So much for fair. But there are some caveats – that mainly apply to women.

If you’re gunning to be a server at an upscale restaurant, a sales rep at A&F or Hollister then being pretty is a massive plus. Indeed, some restaurants like Earls, Moxies and Cactus Club have been openly chastised for discriminating based on looks, which isn’t entirely surprising, just ask Kristy Brownlee, who wrote a scathing article titled “Uglies need not apply”. If you’ve ever dined at any of these establishments you’ll notice a common theme regarding the serving staff: they are all babes. Hotness only gets you so far apparently, because once women get to a certain level the tables turn, and their beauty can actually be construed negatively – if you’ve ever heard of Melissa Nelson than you’d know why.

Nelson was a Dental Assistant, but was unceremoniously let go because she was “too irresistible”. What’s worse is that an all male court ruling determined that her employer was totally within his rights because she was seen as a threat to his marriage. What garbage logic. This is apparently what AOLjobs calls “the jealous wife syndrome”. The discrimination doesn’t end there. “The manly job syndrome” is another phenomenon that limits a woman’s ability to get a job based on appearance. Certain jobs are supposedly only accomplishable with the presence of high testosterone levels. But take heart pretty women of the world, for there are websites such as Beautifuljobseekers.com and spiritedsales.com which seek to aid you poor angelic creatures in your plight by placing you with employers who are specifically looking for hotties. Thank goodness for little miracles.

According to multiple sources like forbes, yahooshine and AOLjobs, being beautiful is a “double-edged” sword, but generally it is perceived as more beneficial than harmful. This is especially the case for men who are mistaken for cave trolls, who receive 13% less than ‘average’ looking coworkers. So I guess that take home message is that it doesn’t matter if you’ve been known to break mirrors at a glance, or snap necks because of double takes, you will be discriminated against regardless. Unless you’re a Plain Jane or Joe Schmo, in which case relish your mediocrity.

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