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The art of pitching! Pitching is one of the things I do during my intern, which will eventually be part of my career. Drafting the perfect pitch is not something that is very easy, especially for someone who is just starting in Public Relations. When I first started my internship I was very excited to have this as a mandate, however as the weeks went by I felt very discouraged, since my pitches were left unanswered.

Since I’m not one to give up that easily, I needed to figure out another way to get through editors, bloggers and journalists. Why not call them? While this may seem like a very bold move especially for a beginner, I told myself the worst that can happen is receiving “no” as an answer. With this in mind, I started calling up the journalists, bloggers and the editors, and to my surprise it was easier than I thought. Here are 4 steps to follow to develop a  good phone etiquette when you call!

1. Know what you’re going to talk about before you call. Before you pick up the phone, know exactly what you need to tell the journalist. If there are a few things you need to tell him, jot them down on a piece of paper so you stay focused and don’t struggle to remember what you need to say. Get to the point!

2. Respect their time. Journalists are busy. When you call, they might not have much time to talk. Be respectful of this and get right to the point. When the journalist answers, ask if it’s a good time to talk. If she says she can’t talk right now, don’t push. Ask when would be a good time to call back, and let her go back to work.

3. Get back to them on time. If you’re working with a journalist on story and she needs to speak to you by a certain time, make sure you’re available. Get back to the journalist the same day she contacts you so she’s not waiting around for you. The more responsive you are, the better you position yourself to be a regular source.

4. Don’t call journalists who don’t want you to call them. Every journalist has a preferred method of being contacted. Some like to use the phone, and others don’t. If a reporter doesn’t like to get phone calls, make a note of this on your media list, and don’t call.





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