Everything for a Reason

ssssFirst day of university. Ever. Way tougher than high school thats for sure. A 30% midterm and a 70% final?! Totally gonna have a nervous breakdown during my first 70% final. First day has already proved that getting good marks is going to require lots of hard work and time. But juggling that with other responsibilities as a first year that lives alone is going to be tough. Firstly, let me tell you why I live alone: 

I was on vacation visiting my family in Iran, where so many websites like Facebook, TD easy web, and even some McGill pages were blocked. I never leave things to the last minute, but my dad does, so he told me that he would pay for my residence deposit but on the day before the due date he said he couldn’t pay for it with his credit card. So mom said she would pay for it online since I couldn’t do it from Iran. We were on the phone when she said the payment had been processed. Woohoo! I was going to be in residence. I was pretty happy since I was going to a have a ‘normal student experience’ since I had never been to a semi formal, hadn’t been to prom, and didn’t have a graduation due to my hectic life of moving 4 highschools, 2 countries and many houses.


The next day I go to the internet cafe and see on Minerva it says “transaction failed”. Mom had entered one digit wrong when writing the credit card number. It really sucked. But its okay. Mom, if you’re reading this, you know I love you. I never tried getting into residence though because I believe

Everything happens for a reason.

Anyways now I have to do soooo many things I had never done before (list starts from what I hate the most to least):

  1. Wash dishes
  2. Killing the occasional cockroach/spider
  3. Vacuum and Mop
  4. Getting groceries (sometimes I get them delivered, its only $4.75 with a minimum purchase of $45. For any of you living alone you should check it out http://www.magasin.iga.net)
  5. Wash dishes (did I mention that already?)
  6. Argue with Bell because they charged me $116 for my internet this month
  7. Feed myself aka cook
  8. Manage paying my bills on time
  9. Washing my bedsheets and pillowcases regularly

And living alone gets lonely sometimes. But its okay!

(Pros: don’t have to worry about a roommate, have a huge closet, and its cheaper)

So I have to manage school and my out of school responsibilities. I also need a job. But next semester hopefully. Truth is, I’m going to have to polish up my CV. I got accepted to work study but did not get two of the job’s I applied for. Because my CV kind of sucks.

Plans (I <3 lists): 

  1. Get involved in extracurriculars like Model UN and stick to them so that eventually you get a ‘leadership’ role with the club (Employers love that) 
  2. Find a way to keep fit and be able to use it on your CV/when applying for scholarships etc. I’m thinking of joining the Track club at McGill. You can register for fitness clubs at http://www.mcgillathletics.ca.
  3. Find a place to volunteer regularly in Montreal.
  4. Consider and plan a volunteer/internship abroad. There are ton’s of opportunities out there, like interning at the UN youth. One of my friends did it, and they paid for his lodging and everything. I also volunteered in Morocco for 2 months with IVHQ, and it was great and super cheap! Programs start from $180 per week. Check it out at http://www.volunteerhq.org.

Anyways, thats all for this week! Take care and happy reading 🙂


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