It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day

181115_10150908773915938_1104507418_nSo the first week of classes is officially over… Surprisingly, it feels good to be back, good to come back to class. Yes, you just read that. I would have never thought I would say it in my entire life, yet I just did: good to come back to class. One of my classes seems particularly interesting and I look forward to see where it brings me. Social Context of Business. Not sure  what’s behind but one thing is sure: it’s not a typical class and I will probably write more about it later in the semester. But that’s not the point of this post.

What actually stroked me this week is that I don’t feel overwhelmed at all compared to my first year. I bought all my textbooks, sold those of last year, started my readings. In other words: I’m on time, almost ahead (I said almost!). It’s a great feeling, scary though. I have time to go out, hang out with friends and enjoy the sunny weather while I still can… However, I feel guilty and I know I’m not the only one. I had a hard time during my first semester getting used to this new teaching method, hearing/reading english all day long, having to prepare all my meals since I wasn’t in rez, and being 6000km away from what I had always known. So being on time and having time for fun doesn’t feel right after my first year (feels good though!). But here is something I came to realize since last semester: we truly need time off of studying, off of the place we live in, off of our daily routine.

So my resolution for the semester is the following: no matter how much work I have, I’ll take some time to go out, enjoy the city to its fullest! And I recommend -especially to the first years who are probably struggling with this new chapter in their life- that you do so too! Having some fun is okay. No one will blame for that. Don’t feel like you have to study all the time otherwise you’ll fail. It is not true. Taking some time off will enable you to be less stressed hence, probably do better on exams.

So here is small list of advices, coming from a second year who struggled as a first year to balance fun and studying:

  • Start your readings on time. Never let yourself fall behind otherwise you’ll just feel that you’ll never be able to catch up. (For new students, still looking for second hand books: McGill classifieds is what you need!)
  • Take breaks: studying for 5 hours strait is not a good idea. Go eat, talk to friends, watch you favorite TV show, whatever you feel like doing but turn off your brain.
  • Go outside: when taking breaks don’t just stay at your place. You need fresh air, go outside, at a friend’s but don’t stay in a too familiar place.
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