Looking for a job and wondering where to start?


pinterest-addictionThe hidden market represents over 70% of the job offers in Montreal, in Canada and probably all around the globe too.

So, when we look for online job ads, we only tackle 30% of all offers as very few companies actually have the resources that allow them to search for the right candidate using search engine directories, specialized web sites and so on.  As you must know, in order to quickly find the job of our dreams, we should first look among our relatives, friends, ex-bosses, ex-service providers, ex-colleagues, ex-girl (boy) friend, etc. But before reaching out to them, you should make sure your resume reflects the best of you.

This can seem pretty easy or difficult, depending on your level of self-confidence and your communication skills. Yes, I said communication skills. You have to become the salesman of your own resume. You are the product itself and your resume is the brochure where an employer can find details on the product (you). Only once you get to the interview part will your charisma and expertise get you the job of your dreams.

That being said, let’s get back to the matter at hand: why should I use the Internet to find the job of my dreams? Well, Internet is like a dice game. Internet is a tool that offers huge possibilities but it doesn’t replace direct contact when you look for a job. You must remain proactive, and know how to carefully use Internet and Social Medias for your job search – if not, you are out of the game.

Small and big companies are becoming more skilled using Internet and Social Medias to recruit the right candidate. Social Medias allow them to know the candidate well (if not better than some of his friends!). For the job applicant, Internet and Social Medias have become the most popular job search tools and are a great gateway to finding information about the company he is applying to.

To be continued….

Octavio Cardenas
Online Marketing Expert
Vitamine Interactive Agency
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2 responses to “Looking for a job and wondering where to start?”

  1. octaviocardenassedano says:

    Thank you Jorge for sharing with us! Glad you like it! Please stay tuned for further articles about this topic.

  2. Jorge says:

    Great article! everything you said is very true, I recently got laid-off. But weeks before this happened I began poking around friends and family to see if they knew of any company hiring. Luckily the we after I was let go a friend of mine got me an interview with a company. Now I must admit my resume wasn’t the best at the time very amateurish looking so I was afraid this lack of professionalism could bring repercussions to my application. Luckily my now new employer saw beyond this and really focused on my skill set and not in a .pdf. Social Media is one of the best tools everyone has access too nowadays, but unfortunately people sometimes tend to use this to vent or make fun of things and if your new to be employer happens to gain access to some of your stuff; well don’t expect to get hired. So use social media to your advantage not disadvantage!!

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