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networking6Yesterday I went to the IMA Kick-Start Breakfast. I hear you asking “What’s IMA?”. IMA is the International Management Association. I will come back to it later, I first want to talk about a few things that I, and most of the people present, learned. We talked with Trendr’s co-founder George Stamatis on Google Hangout and he answered a few questions on networking, keeping in touch with professionals etc. Career Advisor Peg Brunelle was also here and gave us a few tips. So I thought I would share them with everyone, because even if you’re not in business, I can always be useful!

  • When approaching a professional, introduce yourself clearly so they get your name right. You don’t want them to remember you by a wrong name.
  • Have a firm handshake – but don’t do too much -. It will show your confidence.
  • Stand out of the crowd by asking smart questions. That’s the only way. And how do you do that? Prepare. Do research. In other words: BE READY!
  • Don’t stand too close to them, you could make them feel uncomfortable

But I think the most important takeaway was ASK. ASK. ASK. Don’t hesitate to ask people, to come up to them and ask them what they do, why they like it. Ask them for help on a project that you have and if they could give you some of their time to discuss it. What George Stamatis said (I don’t have his exact words but this is the idea) is that important people are actually really simple and always willing to answer questions. You just have to get up and do it.

Someone also asked a very interesting question: “I did this internship this summer and I met great, important people. I would like to keep in touch with them, but now that I am not at the office, how can I do?” His answer was pretty much what I just said: ASK. Email them, ask how they are doing, ask for advice for any project that you have, ask for some time to talk about it. But also, follow them on Linkedin. Publish articles related to the company: show your interest for the organization.

So to make a quick summary: ASK and FOLLOW UP.

–   To come back to IMA, it is a great student association who has for mission to bring people interested in working abroad and go work internationally. Doesn’t matter whether or not you’re in management, you’re welcomed! Look for them on FB for more information.


Good luck people 😉


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