Privacy: Internet and Social Media never forget

facebook-will-let-santa-know-christmas-ecards-someecardsBack in the day, newspapers were the main source for many of us to look for job postings of medium and large size organisations. But those days are long gone and today we have a new tool called Social Media.

Ever since 2007, social media has changed the landscape of social, commercial and human interactions for good and for bad. I could share with you thousands of cases where people have lost their jobs or career opportunities because of the information they shared on the web, but I won’t do it. The only thing that I will share with you right now is a piece of advice: Be careful with the personal information you share on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Yahoo, Twitter, etc. Why? It’s very simple: Internet never forgets!

Recently, we heard that the most popular social media companies such as Google and Facebook have allowed third party companies and government institutions to access their database of member information and use this information for purposes that are not completely related to ‘socializing’.

This is just part of some dangerous drawbacks when you use Internet to look for a job and you create profiles all over the net. You should really think twice before posting or updating your profile. The information you share on internet will stay forever and this is a fact. That’s why I mentioned in my last post that you have to work very carefully with your resume with the correct information and the most importantly: the right channel.

We use Internet and Social Media because it is fast, it has no schedule and it is global. We search, we share and we post any time within Canada or beyond. It has no limits. We have the feeling of freedom. This freedom comes with some restrictions or guidelines that we have to keep in mind at all times. Privacy is the most important of all! I guess, most of you know how to use search engines, don’t’ you?

Not because we know where to find Google’s search space do we know how to search. This assumption can now give us a few headaches.  On my next posting, I will tell you how to optimize your job search. Do not miss it!

By the way, I assume you have already updated your resume and that’s it is ready to be posted, right?

Octavio Cardenas
Online Marketing Expert
Vitamine Interactive Agency
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