Procrastination makes easy things hard, hard things harder.


Do you really want to be successful? There’s only one thing keeping you behind. Procrastination. We’ve all heard it before, hundreds of times but it really is one of the most important things. One thing I learnt from British students at school in Dubai was that many of them started studying from 2 – 3 months before for their GCSE’s. And this was in grade 9 here! Seeing students studying for exams from so early on and constantly hearing teachers telling us to do so, I always stuck to this virtue. And its what has kept me going throughout this year and life.It may seem easier said than done, but its actually really easy! I got my first essay back, and I did pretty well, even though I thought I had done terribly. Really I don’t think I know half as much as the geniuses in my lecture and conference. But because I started planning and writing 1.5 weeks before it was due, little by little everyday, I guess I ended up with a decent paper. I can’t emphasise the importance of PLANNING. you CANNOT write a quality essay the night before. Honestly. You HAVE to write out a clear outline of your essay and your main points before writing and evaluate it. This sometimes takes very long, but its very important. And you simply cannot do this the night before. So start everything very early on. (Have an agenda where you write what you have to for the next following days or weeks to have an overview and to be able to effectively manage your tasks day by day).

Not only does starting early and not procrastinating hold true for essays (+ studying), but also for your career goals. Do you want to be an occupational therapist, a lawyer, or a United Nations worker? You may have the GPA to get into the required programs, but do you have related experience and skills? We all know at this point, many employers and grad schools love students who not only achieved good grades, but also one that demonstrated leadership or related skills prior to their application. A prime example? Being a president of a club. But does being president of a club happen in one day? NO. you’re up against hundreds of students who want the same ‘president’ status and job as you. you need to seek out these opportunities NOW to develop yourself. Little by little.

With little experience, you can start in small positions in clubs that interest you. For example, I joined AIESEC. For now, I am only a team member, amongst directors, VP’s, and presidents (There were over 185 applications just to be a team member, but only 25 were chosen. Comes to show how competitive everything is nowadays). But over my years in university, I hope to  gain higher positions within AIESEC, which is realistic because I started so early on. Also join something that interests you. AIESEC is the largest student-run organisation in the world that offers international internships to young adults. By joining, I not only hope to gain more leadership experience through the club itself, but to be more exposed to international internships and have easier access to good internships. If any of you are interested in an international internship (paid or unpaid), hit me up! comment or message me on facebook.

Not procrastinating is THE KEY TO LIFE. I swear. It’ll save you stress, give you more time to do things you love to do, get you better grades, and generally a better life. DON’T PROCRASTINATE.


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