Mentoring Program, round 2

mentorHere is the follow up on the mentoring program I talked about in my last post on this topic.

I went to the Annual Mentoring Cocktail a week ago at which a dozen of mentors from the surrounding area were present. The point of the evening was to meet and talk to as many mentors as possible to try to gain information on their background, what they are doing now and how they got there. After talking to a few of them, I can tell you they are all doing really cool things since they graduated and just love their job and are eager to share their experience with students.

A few days later I did a skype meeting with my mentor. The cool thing about having your own mentor is that you have someone to whom you can ask questions anytime you have some and who really wants to help you.  Of course you have to really get involved in order for the relationship to work out and get the most of it.

Here is how a student who was in the program last year describe her experience (source):

“If you could talk to your future-self today, would you do it? When I first met my mentor, I quickly realized that we were very similar, on both professional and personal aspects. I know now that each time I talk to her, I, not only save myself from years of making avoidable mistakes, but also start ahead of everyone when it comes to building my own network. Truly the Mentoring Program is an inspiring experience that each undergraduate student should go through.”

So here are a few takeaways I personally gathered from talking to all the mentors present:

  •  NETWORK. It does help to find job opportunities when graduating and later on. Don’t underestimate its power.
  • GET INVOLVED. In anything you want, it does not have to be school related. It will show you are curious, able to do different things and motivated.
  • DO INTERNSHIPS. Or get a job. It will also show you can do different things aside from school.
  • ASK. Talk to people in your field of interest and ask them questions. Most of them will be more than willing to give you tips.
  • FOCUS. When looking for a job focus on applying only to the ones of interest –do not waste energy applying to everything and anything -.

The most important thing here is that YOU can do it. Just by asking the right questions to the right people. We can ALL do it!

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