Networking, networking, and networking

itskindofabigdealWhat do you think is the number one way students get jobs out of university? Okay, the title may have given the answer away (oops), but contrary to popular belief, job boards and other classic application processes are not the most common way people get a job in Canada. While Online job boards account for 24% of hires in Canada, traditional networking accounts for 35% of them! So yeah, networking is kind of a big deal.

Luckily, McGill does provide plenty of opportunities to start building a wide professional network; and remember, it does not matter if you are in first year and getting a “grown-up” job is not in your priorities just yet, because it is never too early to start building your network; long lasting relationships are the most trustworthy after all. 

A good way to start networking is through enrolling in a McGill club you find interesting or that you feel identified with. Now, a lot of the times these clubs will have seemingly nothing to do with the future career path you want to undertake, but the thing is, you never know who might be connected to the people you are connected with. What I am trying to say is that some of the most successful connections with the “right people” come from being introduced by someone in a close circle of yours. So, while your teammates and coach in the Track and Field team, per se, will likely not be the ones responsible for the recruitment process in “the company of your dreams”, they may know someone who works or may have worked there. Plus, apart from the obvious CV advantage pertaining to a university club/team gives you, it may open the doors to meet other groups and other key people who may play an important professional role in your future. You never know who you may meet through an event organized by your club for instance.

Moreover, probably the most successful way to start building a professional network is by attending to the different career fairs and information sessions McGill offers. Although some job fairs are reserved exclusively for Management students, if you are not part of this faculty there are still lots of events and info sessions you can enrol in through CaPS’s MyFuture. The company representatives coming to  job fairs and info sessions are recruiters, thus, these are the exact people who decide if you are interview material or not; so yep, be nice, build a relationship with these people.

Ultimately, make sure you have a LinkedIn page set up for yourself and connect with the recruiters you will have definitely impressed by now through all these job fairs and events. Recruiters and Selection Specialists are increasingly relying on social media such as LinkedIn to find more about yourself; plus, its another intersting way to find out what a company is up to or to start connecting with key people within a company*.

*Disclaimer- make sure you actually know that person or have a common connection with them before connecting through LinkedIn. If you do have a common connection, send a brief message letting them know how you heard of them.

Connect, connect, connect!


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