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75592_10152593595735204_1278313582_nIs there a country you have always wanted to visit? The one place you wanna go to in your life but never had the chance to go yet? Well, going on exchange can be this one opportunity! Choosing where you want to go is not easy, there are so many places we can go – where we want to go. The hardest part is to decide what your four choices will be and in which order. Then it’s a long wait. Wait for the faculty approval, for the host university approval… In my case the whole process took pretty much 11 months. But now I know Australia will be mine pretty soon and that’s all that matters!

Here are 5 reasons why you should go on exchange, in my point of view:

  • Escape – Escape Canadian winter (if you go during winter). This is not negligible!
  • Discover  – Discover a new culture, new traditions, new food, new people
  • Travel – This is really a unique opportunity. If it wasn’t for my exchange I would probably never go to Australia
  • Meet – Meet new people. I know I just mentioned it but this is crucial: meeting people form all over the world, going to the most amazing places with them will create lifetime memories and relationships
  • Pass or Fail – Although your grades are recorded in a separate GPA, it does not count in you McGill GPA!

 To sum it up: a breathtaking experience!

I don’t know anyone who regretted it, but I know a few who wished they had gone!

So take a look to where you want to go here – you have until January to make up you mind!

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