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The number of hiring managers who use search engines to find the most qualified people in the market place have increased exponentially.  

As mentioned before, Internet is the fastest way to find the right candidate for the right position without having to deal with opening or closing hours or even location. Head hunters use the Internet just like you would: with keywords. These are based on work experience, schools, skills and also your social life.

If you really want to be found, you need to broadcast your resume like any other organization would advertise its product to get customers: via your own website.

It’s pretty simple! First, go through your resume and highlight keywords, then right-click in order to make hyperlink connections. Second, save your chronological resume in HTML format. In word processor you will do that by saving it as a “webpage”.  Third, search for a free host. Type this phrase into Google: “Directory of free website page and image hosting providers.” Then select the one that best suits you.  Forth, use meta tags wisely. Use keywords for job title, location and certifications/affiliations.


<title>Jean-Francois Tremblay—Resume</title>

<meta name=“description” content=“Jean Francois Tremblay communications manager for XYZ Co. in Laval specializes in sales commercial communication—10 years experience.”>

<meta name=“keywords” content=“communications manager, communication supervisor, commercial, Laval, Montreal, 514, sales, XYZ Co, “>

If you posted your e-resume web page correctly, you’ll be one of the few lucky ones who will receive a phone call for the first interview. But, if you prefer not to broadcast yourself, the job board is probably a better option.

Sites such as Monster, Workopolis or CareerBuilder –among many others- each have approximately 75,000 clients. While that’s huge, it only represents 3% of millions of employers in Canada –not to mention those offers from around the world. For some small and medium size organizations, posting jobs on job boards is quite expensive if we look at the time spent answering unqualified candidates or posting fees.

Either way works on its own time and it’s entirely up to you which tactic you want to use.

Octavio Cardenas
Online Marketing Expert
Vitamine Interactive Agency
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One response to “Broadcast your resume!”

  1. Judith says:


    Thanx for your article. Would love to try it!

    But…Not sure about highlighting and hyperlinking interesting keywords in my resume. Where to? Hyperlinks need a target to connect to….

    Hope you can help me out

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