What we are not told about going on exchange


For most of us, if not all, going on exchange is seen as the opportunity to travel the world, meet people from all corners of the world and have the time of our life. I am not saying it is not that. But we are so excited that the arrival in your host country might be harder than expected. Here is what we have never been told about going on exchange.

When you get to your exchange country, you have usually two options: travel first or settle first. For almost all the exchange student who fall into the first category, settling in was pretty easy since they were not jet lagged anymore, were getting used to the country and its people. (However, it is not the case for everyone!) The second category, however, seems to have a harder time because of all the things you have to handle right away when you get there. This includes, taking care of all the admin stuffs, finding a place, trying to make friends while being jet lagged. So for most people I met since I arrived in my host country, the first two weeks have not been easy.

But DON’T get scared by this other reality of going on exchange! Just go wherever you’ve always wanted to go and have the time of your life! Settling in is only a tiny bit of what you’re going to live. Although it might be discouraging, keep in mind that your expectations are true and you’ll soon be away on road trips, seeing amazing landscapes, meeting awesome people and living experiences that will change you as a person.

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