Summers: you only have a few of them before life begins

After some overtly excited planning for a EuroTrip with my friend this summer, my family put the cap on me. I told my aunt about our awesome plans of traveling all around Europe  and all the places we wanted to see. But my aunt just told me “you only have 4 summers before applying to grad school. Summer is the only time where you don’t have school work and you can dedicate all of your time to building on your hands-on skills”.

She made me think for a moment, and I guess she was right. An internship or a job was what she was pointing at. But what if you reaaaally want to travel… is there anyway you could do the two?

Of course, it’s easier said than done. Me and my friend decided to do a spanish course in Spain (attempts at trying to make use of our time). We would get 6 credits for one month, and its only $200 more expensive than taking 6 credits at McGill (if you’re an out of province student that is). But the issue of accommodation, extra money for travelling during the weekend comes up. You also don’t get any scholarship or bursaries from McGill for exchange programs that are under 61 days. Boo. So the idea of spending loads of money and spending the summer in Spain didn’t really please my parents much. My dad asked me why I don’t just stay in Montreal and get a job.

Cause that would suck! If it was my only option, I would do it, but its not. Little does he know that I’ve already sublet my apartment from June to August so I have to find myself something to do. Staying at my parents house rent free and working would be great. But its not much of an option for kids whose parents are divorced and live in parts of the world where finding employment isn’t easy.

An internship would be great. But where would I go about to find one? Not just any one, but a really good one? The best solution seems to be connections. Good old mama set me up with her good friend who is an ex-McGill professor. We went out for coffee and she was lovely. After getting to know her, she told me she may have an opportunity for me in a sustainability and development internship in Germany. How sick would that be?! But its all speculation for now, I may do the Spain thing, or figure out something else thats relatively useful and travelley to do this summer. I will update on what happens!

2 bottom lines:

1) Make use of your summers and your time away from school to update your skills. If you really want to travel, find things abroad that you could do, but only if you can manage your budget, i.e. sublet your apartment, figure out your costs etc.

2) Connections really matter. If your mom and dad can get them for you, thats great, all you have to do is keep them in your life. If not, then work at establishing relationships with people. A friend of mine today told me “I don’t even care about my GPA, its all about making connections while I’m here”. Uhhh not if I agree with the GPA thing *devil face* but the rest seems pretty valid!

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