A quick look at LinkedIn

based-impressive-workplace-ecard-someecardsNothing compares with your online resume. You own it. You have total control over the information contained in it. It gives you so much exposure within your industry, not to mention the effects on your reputation and credibility.

Lately, some successful platforms such as LinkedIn have developed tremendous SEO tools to keep you on top of the list when you look for new challenges. LinkedIn offers to build up your reputation and contact or be contacted by decision makers with basic and free features, and others, more advanced, at a fee. To pay for some added features is entirely up to you since LinkedIn offers tools that help you manage your information in real time and build up your contacts. The time you spend and accessibility might improve if you take your wallet out.

Personally, I have not paid a cent since I started using it back in 2009 but let me tell you I invested a lot of time!

The good news is that Linkedin is the most notorious site and that it offers real value. During a job search process, we can directly contact the manager of the open position and send him our beloved resume. Chances are this person will contact you and recommend you follow the company’s recruitment process by directly applying on the website. Or perhaps he’ll send you a nice answer saying that you are already in the selection process! I believe the results you will have are based on your approach –how do you ask for things- and your lovely profile –did you mispell something? Did you add a professional picture?-. Remember, time makes us become scanners. Go straight to the point!

Since LinkedIn is all about the quality of your connections, you must learn the art of building trust within your online professional network. The LinkedIn approach is client focused if you want to maximize results. Remember: What is in it for the decision maker? Focus on what you will provide and how you will provide it.

Showcase your skills at the top of you profile or even better; put your own benefit statement as your promise, your motto. That is what the eye catches!


Octavio Cardenas
Online Marketing Expert
Vitamine Interactive Agency
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