LinkedIn: How to get endorsements?

Octavio-Cardenas-LinkedINYour Linkedin profile is almost ready to go! However, once you entered soft and hard skills in your profile, there is an important step that needs to be taken: asking for endorsements.

That’s the one most important item that can lead you to obtaining and keeping a very solid reputation on Linkedin. To tell the truth, how many profiles have you visited lately and reading profiles, you have had that feeling that behind those fancy words something is missing?

We build our public image based on trust. That is right! You profile is ready to go but…who will trust you if nobody can back up your skills? The most popular personalities or commercial pages are based on the amount of “likes” on Facebook, correct?  Well, Linkedin’s version of “likes” are endorsements. This feature enables members to endorse each other’s skills and expertise. It works pretty much like the recommendations. It helps members recommend each other and by doing that not only will you get more social proof, but also global branding, exposure and trust. In addition, it will generate more visits to your profile and if your profile shines, then people will want to connect with you.

First, start by endorsing your closest friends. Honesty is always present. Do not endorse friends for the sake of fun. Remember that you are building your trust and you are helping your friends to build theirs. Be honest.

Second, tell them that you have endorsed them and that you would like them to pick a few skills of yours to endorse.

Third, do not send mass emailing requests. It is known as SPAM and LinkedIn members don’t like it at all.

Also, do not stop expanding your connections! For starters, the minimum number that needs to appear on your LinkedIn connections is 500+. This number shows that you are a very well connected person, a LinkedIn player and more importantly it shows the value of your profile.

Would you like to create a huge network?  Your friends already are part of your network but you need to boost your network far and beyond. Join the TopLinkedIn Group! You will find very interesting contacts that are highly open to developping their network too. Send them an invitation to connect.

Thank you for being there! The last 6 months, I have enjoyed blogging for CAPs Mcgill. You guys have been great!

If you have any questions or want to share your web tips….send me a Linkedin invite! I’ll be happy to answer you!

Octavio Cardenas
Online Marketing Expert
Vitamine Interactive Agency
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