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Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 5.21.17 PMHere it is, the period of the semester where companies representatives can be seen strolling around campus for their information session or for their career fairs happening soon. Having just assisted a couple of sessions and mentally (and physically) preparing myself for the engineering tech fair, everyone on campus is polishing and updating their CV’s.

And so the famous section “Extracurricular Activities” should be filled. Dreaded by most students, this section of your resume is, what I believe, the best way to represent yourself, your values and your capacities. How? Why? Well I am going to answer those 2 very important questions right now…

Being involved on campus is the best way to experience university life. I personally love to volunteer and spend some time to a cause I care about. Being part of a design group and a club, I get to learn and to promote amazing events. But I have a couple of friends who don’t get why they should get involved, and think they will be wasting their time so I’ll try to prove them wrong:

1) WHY you should get involved

  • Joining a club, a design team and/or sport group at McGill is the best and easiest way to make FRIENDS! You get to meet some amazing and talented students that share the same goals and inspiration. From team-bonding to just a simple gathering you get to have a good time!
  • You get to LEARN. Sadly with the competiveness in class or wanting that A, you forget that you are learning some very interesting materials. Being part of a club, you will have the opportunity to learn how to organize events, how the finance works for a club, how to outreach companies and much more. If, like me, you join a design team well it goes without saying that you learn a LOT.
  • You improve your LEADERSHIP skills. University is basically the transition from school to work. You are supposed to prepare yourself to all the challenges you will have to face in you professional life. I can’t stress enough how important leadership skills are and it is a criteria any recruiter search for in a candidate.
  • Finally, you get to build an amazing skills set that will last you a lifetime!

2) HOW can you join?

When you finally set your mind to join a club, you will have to choose which one. If you went to activities day at SSMU, you saw all the diverse clubs at McGill and you probably added your mail to their listserv. BUT that does not mean that you are part of the group yet!

First thing is to check their website page or their Facebook page to get all the information you need on their projects and their future events. Start attending their events/meetings, show your interest and shoot them a mail if you want to help out. By volunteering with them, you will get more insight on their activities and their purpose.

If they happen to be looking for coordinators position and if you are ready to commit the time and ready to complete the tasks needed then APPLY! Don’t worry if you don’t have any experience, show your interest and your eagerness to learn and you’re good to go!



Andrea 🙂


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