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Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 9.17.02 PMHere comes autumn the midterm season!  Over-stressed students, all nighters, non-stop caffeine intake and not to forget the cram up library, yes what a beautiful season it is! So if you’re reading this, try to at least have a stroll outside, check the beautiful colours and enjoy the last strays of the sun before winter comes.
The main problem, I feel everyone is probably experiencing is that somehow with all of our midterms; we also have assignments, papers and webwork due that same week…  With all that work, being HEALTHY is certainly not on our list of priorities.

Personally, when midterm comes I tend to start snacking a bit too much, eating not so healthy food and my yoga sessions tend to decrease… But having a Healthy lifestyle should always be a top priority, and I am not only talking about healthy eating but also being emotionally healthy.

So the big question, how can I be healthy?

Being healthy should not be viewed as a full time job to think about but it is suppose to be natural and more routine like.

So here are a couple of tips to help you lead a healthy life:


Researchers have shown that having a positive attitude will help you build a healthier immune system and will boost your overall health! Having a positive attitude  will also better your psychological and physical well being and increase your coping skills during times of stress!

2) Balance your EATING and drink WATER

Here comes the famous quote “ You are what you eat” and trust me when I tell you that the food you choose does affect your health, if not now then later in your life! The secret to start a healthy diet is quite simple: Stop eating process food! They are filled with salt, sugar and  toxic chemicals. Try to balance your diet with veggies, fruits, protein and carbs! Another important note, Drink WATER! Let’s not forget that we are made of 75% of hydrogen and oxygen. Water is essential for our brain and our day-to-day activities.

3) Work those MUSCLES

Walk to school, have a stroll outside, run for 30 min in you neighborhood, bike you way to university, try to exercise daily! Nothing intense just to keep those muscles working! Your brain and fitness will thank you later.


If you got to an exam sleep deprived you will most probably do stupid mistakes and have trouble focusing! Experts say that a young adult should aim to achieve 7 to 9 hours of sleep every night and a study have shown that sleep deprivation in students has been linked to lower GPA’s because sleep affect concentration, memory and the ability to learn!  So forget those last minute revision and Sleep!

Here are the main points for a healthy lifestyle, there is many more details that can be added but try to focus on those points and you are good to go!




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