Once Upon A Job Experience

pumkinHappy Halloween! I used to absolutely love Halloween when I was younger (aka until last year). I was one of those people who dressed up, went trick-or-treating, and then the day after would ask my mom what I should be next year. I still love Halloween because it’s a fun day to go out as whatever you want and get candy for it, but I found myself today being too tired to celebrate it. 

I’m not too disappointed this year that I’ve “grown up” for the holiday, the reason being that I landed a customer service job last week! It’s something I can finally add to my resume, which not only means I have more experience, but that it’s customer service experience, which is something I’ve never had/given myself an opportunity to have.

Most people are aware of the job “dilemma”, which is that in order to have the job, you need a job. But in order to get that job, you need to have a job! I was one of the lucky people that was given an administrative job by referral of my friend. It was the summer after my first year, and with that job, I started applying to Work Study at McGill for any and all kinds of office administrative work. For the next three years, I worked at the Music Faculty of the Schulich School of Music. To be perfectly honest, I actually love administrative work. Maybe it’s because I’m a little OCD and a perfectionist, but doing data entry and scanning paper gets me pretty excited, the “completion” of the project, if you will.

Fast forward to now, a recent Bachelors’ graduate who only realized a little late that she wanted to stop her current career path and start a new one (not that either of those two things are necessarily bad – but I’ll talk about that later). Now that my French course is finished, I need to be productive until next September, where hopefully I’ll be accepted to the Masters of Information Studies at McGill. A good thing to remember when taking some time off from academics is to keep busy and productive, so that you don’t feel like you’ve “wasted” your time. I chose to find a job, preferably in customer service, as it’s a kind of experience that I’ve never had, and I’d like to show employers that I’m a teamplayer and a people person. I felt also that it would be more convenient for the duration of the position, as it wouldn’t be a whole year, and administrative positions tend to prefer people who can work at least a year.

So, how’s the job, you ask? Mostly physically tiring, but stimulating and active as well. I started this Monday, so it’s only been a week (full-time Monday-Friday 9-5:30 pm), but I will definitely need to take this weekend to relax my feet. 8.5 hours of standing is crazy tiring on the feet! Let me tell you, I appreciate cashiers a lot more now, even the ones at the corner of Sherbrooke and University Tim Horton’s.

That’s all I wanted to say for now, I’ll have more updates in a couple more weeks (on my feet especially). Have fun with Halloween, eat lots of candy for me because I just realized I haven’t eaten any, and don’t watch too many scary movies…!

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