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dance So it’s been a month since our return to school. New semester, new stuff going on. Activities have continued on from first semester, but there have been a bunch of other opportunities to get involved. There have been events put on by Rez Life for those in Rez, like an in Rez Activities Night. There was also a volunteer fair, and the Academia week and also an International week. Soup and Science was also on for a week in January. So many activities and so many opportunities to get involved, even if you missed out during first semester.

Next week there’s a meet your major event for freshman students Wednesday and Thursday evening in Burnside for biological/neuroscience and physical sciences respectively. (Check out the Facebook event for more information!) Even though the recreational programs at the gym have already started, it is probably not too late to join something if you really want to. Personally, I have never ever been a dancer. Ever. If people I knew were asked to think of words to describe me, “dancer” would definitely not be something even remotely near their thought bubbles. But I wanted to try something new, so I signed up for a dance course at the gym. It’s been pretty fun so far, even if my dance coordination is not the greatest. Everyone has a good time, and it’s fun to learn something new together with other people. Plus, exercise is good for stress relief (something necessary during the impending midterm season!).

Another way to get involved/learn something new is through a minicourse. Last semester I took an ASL minicourse, and it really gave me another perspective on ASL as not only a language but as something part of a greater culture. Going in, I only expected to learn signing and expand my signing vocabulary (which at the time consisted of the alphabet). But I learned a whole lot more than that. The course not only talked about the culture of ASL and some etiquette, but also about the ASL community and how it is truly a community and the challenges they face in a world where speaking is the predominate form of communication. It’s super cool how you can join something expecting to learn a certain skill but coming out with much more knowledge and insight than that.

Here is the minicourse link here: Apparently there is late registration available, if you still want to join something but haven’t yet. Me? I’m going to join another dance course (yay!). I guess one of my goals of “trying something new” is dance, because like I mentioned earlier, I am totally not a dancer. If you like swing dancing, McGill has that too. They have lessons at Cat’s Corner on the weekends and I’ve been to one; they’re pretty fun. You don’t need a partner or anything, you just go in and dance! (Check it out–they have a facebook page.) Great exercise and great fun.

It’s not too late to try something new–just keep an eye out for those opportunities.

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