The Summer Job Search Continues

summerjobThere’s only a month left of school, and my summer job search continues. I’d been hoping that I would have planned something out for the summer by now, but unfortunately, that is not the case. For the past few months,
I’ve been searching and applying for various jobs. I’m going home for the summer, so my job search vicinity is mainly for jobs in my hometown, which narrows down the possibilities a lot.

When I talk about my discouraging job search troubles, like when I get absolutely no reply after applying, or when I get the disappointing email back informing me that the position has been filled by someone else, sometimes, I wonder to myself, how is this so difficult? Maybe I’m doing something wrong. Perhaps I should change my job search strategy. So that was when I started talking to other students about how they managed to snag a job for the summer.

One person I talked to, who is also in first year university, told me that she had a couple jobs simultaneously in the summers past, and said it really wasn’t that hard to find a job. You can imagine my disbelief; how did she manage to get a position in a couple of places when I couldn’t even find one? She told me that it really helps to know people. Connections. Connections are literally one of the most important things. For the jobs that she had gotten, she had known someone from the organization that had either been her reference, or somehow had to do with the job. So that’s something to keep in mind: perhaps applying to places where you know people, say, a family friend, or aunt or uncle, would help a lot in getting hired. It is probably something that could make or break getting a job. As long as they give a positive reference, of course.

Another friend of mine has worked at a fast food chain since high school. When she came to Montreal, she continued working here at the chain during the school year. This summer, she told me, she could potentially return to the chain she worked at back home. I was very impressed by her, since she worked many many hours a week during the school year. And the fact that she managed to get hired out of all the people who applied in the first place, while in high school–that itself was impressive. I told her that. She explained to me that she had been introduced to the chain by her manager, who was also her brother. There we go–connections again. She is extremely hard working and great at what she does, but in order to get her foot in the door to show how good she is, that connection helped tremendously.

So I suppose that I’ve finally learned how important connections are. Knowing someone in an organization can actually be the deciding factor of whether or not you get the job. That is a piece of valuable advice that I will keep in mind as my search for a summer job continues.

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