How to Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle During University Life



As mentioned in some of my previous blog posts, it isn’t uncommon for our mental or physical health to suffer while we are in ‘cram-mode’ or ‘finals-mode’ during the end of semester. Finding the right balance and ensuring that we are prioritizing and organizing our hectic schedules is crucial to our ultimate success!

Now that the snow has melted (finally) and the sun has come out – it is time to soak up some of that well deserved sunshine! Since almost everything regarding our education is accessible online, bringing your laptop outdoors and sitting in the sun on campus (i.e. under a tree, on a bench or taking a walk and noting down ideas on your phone would be a great idea). Listening to music while completing your work will definitely help you to de-stress while focusing on finishing up that final paper! The semester is done but, finals and final papers are all approaching…so here are a few tips that might assist you during the last few days of the semester…

1)    Stay hydrated! Eliminate those toxins and drink plenty of H2O, it will help you think sharper and stay focused.

2)    Get enough rest at night! It might seem tempting to stay up all night to finish your reference page or that last paragraph of your final essay, but it will catch up to you the next day! So call it a night and wake up earlier the next morning to get things done!

3)    Exercise and stay active. Don’t make exercise a chore, make it something enjoyable! Ask a friend to join you, there are an abundance of different activities you can join, even right here on campus!

4)    Eat healthy! Track the amount of times you find yourself making your way to the vending machine and try to make healthier choices instead.

5)    Stay away from excessive late-night outings during study time (frequent social outings, drinking, etc.) while socializing is an important part of university life, make the right choices.

A healthy lifestyle and maintaining a good GPA can co-exist together…the trick is finding that equilibrium between the two. If you follow these five crucial steps then you will have much more energy for completing your assignments and studying, along with more time for socializing and drive for physical activities!

“To keep the body in good health is a duty… otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.”





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