Dog Days of Summer

It’s hard to believe that only a little more than a week ago, I was slaving over my notes, studying and cramming like every other student preparing for their final exams.

I am so glad those few weeks are finally over. Fast forward several days, and I find myself 900 km away from Montreal, back home, celebrating mother’s day with my lovely mom. Freedom at last!¬†¬†Since the end of exams, so much has happened. For one, I moved out of residence. On the last day of April, I finished struggling to pack up my not-so-meager belongings and headed out to my new abode in Montreal. I’m living with three friends in an apartment next year, which is almost exciting enough to dull the sadness from leaving my now familiar residence and all the friends I’ve made in it. The thing about living in residence-at least, in the one I was in-is that everyone is so close. And here, I mean that more in a literal sense. If you’re lucky and you find a group of people who don’t mind that you visit them all the time, you can do just that by going downstairs or walking down the hall and knocking on their door if it isn’t already open. It’s also extremely convenient to find homework buddies or people to simply hang out with. That is something I will miss quite a bit next year.

In any case, I find it quite an accomplishment that we managed to move out of residence and into our apartment by ourselves. It also made me realize that I had way too much stuff.

Previously, I had talked about summer plans…well, even though it is already summer, they have yet to be set in stone. I’ll probably know in a week for sure. But for the moment, I will be content with chilling. At least, for a few days. I’ll be writing throughout the summer as well, so check back for tidbits on my yet to be determined plans during the summer.

Have fun and stay safe!

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