First Day on the Job

So, today was my first day at my summer job. I’m working as a summer student as part of the summer lottery program in my hometown. Students apply, and are chosen by random draw. Around 1000 students applied, and about 120 students received jobs as part of the program. Most of the jobs consist of working in local parks, some in traffic, and others in maintenance. I was super duper lucky to have been drawn. I was assigned to the maintenance department.

After a bunch of online training and in class training, it was finally time for the first day on the job. My alarm clock woke me up at 6 am, and I got to work at 7 am. Me and two other new students joined the other students who started a week earlier, and watched as most of them left to patch up pot holes around the city. That is what I thought I would be doing, too. A superior showed us around the yard, and we split up. Since me and another of the new students couldn’t drive (I’m going to call this studentĀ KirkĀ from now on, even though that’s not his real name) we were assigned, for today, to the carpenter shop. The remaining student was partnered with a superior to work on sewers.

Our main task of the day was to scrape paint off old flaking park garbage cans. Believe me, this full day task made me realize just how much work goes into things city walkers take for granted. Garbage cans placed around the city and in public parks were brought to the shop to be repainted. In doing so, the old paint had to be chipped off, first, so that the new paint won’t have cracks. And to do that, the garbage can has to be lifted up safely with machinery onto a work table…and all this other stuff that happens when you finally do this job. My appreciation for nicely painted black garbage cans have increased immensely today. In the shop, there was also a live in cat. I believe her name is Lucy. On our break, Lucy bunted me repeatedly and left the bottoms of my pants and my left sleeve covered in cat fur. I really enjoyed the cat’s presence.

Work ended at 3:30 pm and I went home. My new bedtime is coming up soon (’tis almost 10 pm after all) and I’m gearing myself up for Day 2. All in all, today has been a nice first day of work. More details coming up as things happen.


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