The Value of a Summer Job

oppSummer is a time that I (and many others) eagerly look forward to and since I am a teacher, July marks my two-month period of relaxation. As I was considering what I would blog about this month, it took me back to my summer travels – specifically, the time I decided to work for a summer camp abroad. Working during the summer, especially if it requires venturing outside of your element, is a fantastic way to discover new things you never knew about yourself. Since I am currently taking several summer classes, beginning a summer job is not in the works for me this year; however, I always aim to start a new hobby or pastime since I have the extra time to invest.

As students, it can sometimes be difficult to maintain a part-time job during our studies; however, another option is relying on summer jobs to save up for the following school year. While summer jobs aren’t necessarily the highest paying jobs, they can certainly offer a wealth of potential knowledge and skills. For example, summer work can often lead to full-time employment in the future, a stepping-stone into a field you are studying and further career opportunities. Not only can this experience possibly be a foot in the door, but it can also help you develop business skills, networking and connections to a reputable company. Part-time summer jobs can easily be found online and by logging onto the ‘McGill CaPS MyFuture’ webpage you can gain access to countless summer jobs that are available to you. If you were aiming for something more adventurous and didn’t intend on staying in Montreal for the summer, some of these jobs grant you the freedom to travel and work abroad.

Educators or students interested in teaching have the opportunity to support success for a variety of students abroad. Many of these positions offer a secure, supportive, and extremely culturally rich environment. Several teaching jobs abroad solely require that you are a native speaker and not necessarily an experienced teacher; therefore, this can be an interesting avenue for those interested in trying out teaching while exploring a new part of the world. Many of friends have traveled to Japan, South America, Africa and Europe to work in day camps that not only offer decent remunerations, but also often provide boarding, cover additional expenses and allow for further travel opportunities. Venturing out isn’t always the easiest thing to do, but it can certainly be worthwhile and an amazing opportunity to try something different and experience new surroundings. Dare to try something different?

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

-Lao Tzu



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