Textbook Buying 101

savemoneyThe beginning of the semester can always be a bit hectic. With new classes beginning and having to buy all the necessary materials, now is the time when money is always on the mind. Most classes have at least one required textbook or coursepack, if not more. If you do not have a job currently, or even if you do, trying to come up with money to pay for everything may be an issue. One thing I wish I would’ve known as a freshman student was that there are cheaper options for buying textbooks.

Firstly, there’s a site affiliated with McGill called “McGill Classifieds”. Not only are used books posted there, but this is where people go to sell other things from bikes to their own public services. It’s handy to know of because if you have old things lying around you can post your own ads and make some easy money. The next best place to look would be the “Textbook Exchange” group on Facebook. Every year near the beginning of each semester, people post all of the books they are looking to get rid of or the books that they are looking for.

One thing worth mentioning when you are buying used books is ALWAYS ASK WHAT CONDITION THE BOOK IS IN. If you notice it is being sold way cheaper than usual there is typically a reason why. Also, pay attention to the edition of the textbook the teacher is asking for, because some people will be selling older editions. If you find an older edition, always make sure with the teacher that you can use it.

If for some reason you still cannot find the book you need, try to find out if it is offered as an e-book because those are always much cheaper than the physical copy. If you want a physical copy, however, there are a few more options you have. There is the Paragraphe bookstore located on McGill College (right before the front gates), Indigo Online (because finding textbooks in store can be hard), and even Amazon. Lastly, if you’re still having difficulties, check the McGill Bookstore. Sometimes they will have used copies of the textbook you need, it may be a bit costly but it’s still a cheaper option than buying a brand new copy.

I wish you all the best of luck finding your books this semester, and I hope that you will be able to find them for cheap that way you can save your money for other important things.

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