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Welcome back to the school year. So I just finished a fun summer working and I’m feeling ready to settle back in my study routines. Not just yet though, there are a few things I’m doing to get prepped for the job opportunities in the upcoming year.

Update my CV! Classes haven’t become stressful so now is a great time to keep my CV up-to-date. I wrote down my summer job as a computer support technician as well as volunteering at science symposiums. I also noted down the most important tasks that I handled while on the job. This way even years from now I can take a glance at my CV and know exactly what to say when an interviewer asks me what I did in the summer of 2015. I’m also taking off some of the older entries where I “worked” at places where I pretended to like. Ahem- of course, that never happens to you, dear reader. Okay, now I’ve got a snappy CV which shows that I was out there being professional and making a difference in the world.


Alright, now I’m thinking ahead to some possible networking chances in the future. Examples of opportunities that may come across my path in the upcoming months:

  • Meet professors at wine and cheese and they could use an assistant or a TA. I might want to send them my CV.
  • Join student clubs and societies, many are looking for execs. Definitely bringing my CV.
  • Attend a career fair (or all of them ). I will be figuratively throwing my CV at companies where I want to work for the next summer.


Getting your CV ready now will allow you to capture that next sneaky, slippery job opportunity before it slides away into someone else’s grasp.

“Hey, I know that already!” is what a regular person would say. I have seen many regulars (read: me from last year who did not know any better) editing and printing their CVs the night before they need them. It’s easy to push it off until later, so be an irregular and spend 20 minutes and get it done now.

If you can’t decide between which font sizes to use in your CV, please come to CaPS drop-in hours!

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