Fit in Some “me” Time


So it’s that time of year right now when you have to choose what you’d like to stick to for the next two school semesters. About a week ago, I had to give up a volunteer research experience because I realized that it just wouldn’t realistically fit into my schedule. This is probably the best decision that I could’ve made and I realize now that it’s the healthiest way to start a new semester. The reason I’m telling you readers this is because the lesson I learned is the following: Don’t forget to fit in time for yourself.

At the beginning of this semester, I was faced with the dilemma of choosing amongst 4 different volunteer opportunities. One of them was related to my major, another one was great networking…every single one had a perk. I realized that if I was willing to put in all my time and effort, I could balance school and extracurriculars. But just barely.

Universities, big ones especially, can be extremely overwhelming. It feels like there are opportunities left and right. Facebook has made this even more difficult to overlook because of all the invites that you can get from friends to different event launches, volunteer information sessions etc. It’s important to know that this isn’t even the most overwhelming part; fitting in time for yourself becomes an even bigger struggle. Every single university student will tell you that it becomes harder and harder to put aside time to watch some TV, go to the gym, read a good book, or even just lay down for a little while. 

So remember this tip as you’re deciding what will be worth the while for the semester: Your health and happiness does not just depend on good grades and good resume building. Sneak yourself into that schedule! In the end, this will be the time that you use to recharge. And it’ll help your grades and work ethic anyways.

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