Summer Blues


summers-overOver the past week, I have been fighting to hold onto the last bit of heat and sunshine! Clad in my summer dresses, sandals and sunglasses, I would happily strut to class, all the while convincing myself that the huge gush of cold wind that enveloped my exposed skin was simply a ‘cool’ summer breeze!  Today, I checked the weather forecast, and as I read 8°C, I told myself my phone must be going through another one of its tantrums and forgot to place the number ‘1’ before the ‘8’. Even though September 23rd signaled the official end of summer, I still find it hard to begin my transition into the fall season. As you can tell, I am in strong denial!

Do not get me wrong – it’s not that I despise the cold. In fact, I rather enjoy the Fall and Winter seasons and all the perks that come with them – hot chocolate, nice warm fires, apple-picking, snow…the list goes on. What makes me sad about the end of summer, however, is the realization that I must bid farewell to the amazing memories I made. Yes, I know, there are still so many memories to be made in the Fall, Winter and Spring seasons, but…summer is different! Summer in MONTREAL is different!

Last summer was the first summer I spent away from my parents, and in such a vibrant city! Needless to say, I welcomed the freedom with open arms! I had high expectations for my summer, and Montreal definitely did not disappoint! The city truly transforms when the sun comes out! With festivals, concerts, street fests, fireworks, outdoor movie screenings and parades happening at every corner of town, it was hard to feel bored! In just 3 months, I attended (and volunteered in) more than 15 festivals and free events – including the Jazz Festival, Montreal Grand Prix, Festival International Nuit D’Afrique, Just for Laughs Festival, Wyclef Jean’s concert, Festival Mode & Design, First Fridays Food Truck Festival (yummmm)…and so much more! By attending all these events, I discovered my passion for event planning and marketing! Who would’ve thought summer 2015 would lead me to a potential career?!!

Then, there were the acquaintances I had, the people I met, and the friends I made! Volunteering at festivals was the perfect way to meet and interact with people from all walks of life! I laughed tremendously, cried tears of joy, did things I never thought I would do, and made very strong bonds with strangers (who are now my friends) in such a short period of time. I can honestly say that, the most important lesson I learned during the summer was to let go of my inhibitions and try new things! Each day was a new adventure, and I made sure I grabbed every opportunity that came my way to meet new people and expand my cultural horizons.

So now, as the weather sadly becomes colder and days get shorter, all I can do is reminisce on my beautiful summer memories. To all my readers, if you have never spent a summer in Montreal, I strongly urge you to do so! Your adventure awaits! I am already looking forward to next summer, but I know the upcoming seasons will also be nothing short of memorable! 🙂

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