Campus Jobs are the Best Jobs


When your university sits in the middle of a city, it’s easy to want to take on a million jobs. However, there are ways to weed them out. My favorite tip to give people is that the best kind of job that you can get as a student is a campus job. I know that it may be tempting to work at your favorite clothing store, your favorite cafe or the newest start up company around the corner. But remember that you’re a student and though you may not like the idea, you just don’t want work getting in the way of your studies.

The first reason why I think campus jobs are ideal is because they are accessible. There will be days when you’ll be trying to finish a paper or trying to squeeze in some last minute studying for a midterm. Those are the days when using every minute of your time is necessary. Those are the days when a 30 or 40 minute commute to work is not ideal. It takes me about 10 minutes to get from the library to my job at the Alumni Calling Center (By the way, McGill Phonathon hires all the time!) So, take my word: the proximity really helps on stressful days.

The second reason and most important reason as to why I think campus jobs are ideal is because your employers know you’re a student. And, for the most part, they will respect that. This means that most campus employers will want to work around your schedule. They will recognize that you’re trying to maintain your studies in line and will be lenient with the work load. I find that evening jobs are the best for students just because it gives them the whole day to be productive (daylight is your energy source!).

The third reason is plain and simple: you are eligible for work study if you’re employed and need financial resources! While most people think that it is easier to be granted work study and then work, it is actually the opposite. Once you’re employed on campus, you can apply for work study and your chances are increased.

So remember next time you’re weighing what job to take up that you’re a student as well! Campus jobs make getting experience, making money, and studying all perfectly possible.

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