Come Out to Tech Fair!

IMG_0045Woot! Who else is excited for Tech Fair? Every year the New Rez lobby is packed by tons of Tech Fair goers, and this year, this will be happening on October 7th and 8th. For those of you not in the know, Tech Fair is a career fair of various companies in the technology sector. They come to introduce themselves and recruit talented students, especially in engineering and computer science. As a networking event, it’s one of the biggest and most fun at McGill.

I have been at Tech Fair on two occasions, once as a visitor and once as a volunteer.

During my first year, I hear about this event through a friend and I tagged along to see what the fuzz is about. I had no specific goal in mind. As we waited in line to get inside, I was doubting if it was going to be worth my time. In the ballroom, you can feel a buzz of energy and excitement in the atmosphere. People are chatting and exchanging contacts left and right and handing a few CVs to the recruiters while discussing about the companies’ newest products and positions they offer. I’m not a big fan of crowded spaces, but the ambiance felt so right. I was inspired to go back again.

The second year I wanted to get more involved thus I signed up as a volunteer. Let’s talk about the real, tangible benefits of volunteerism now. Volunteers get snacks, refreshments, and a cool t-shirt, as per the unspoken volunteer award system. Volunteers also get to visit the Fair without needing to wait in the long line-up (there is always a long line-up). Company reps are also more likely to remember familiar faces, e.g. the volunteers helping them. The downsides were that the day was busy and long, so working at the coat check hanging everybody’s coat and bags was a real struggle! Since help was always needed, I didn’t get as much time to talk to the reps.

However, this year I’m going back with a purpose. I’m looking for a summer job to get some experience in a bigger corporate setting. This is a great opportunity to meet the company representatives and get your foot in their door, so to speak. Attending to Tech Fair is a direct way to apply for jobs, since you can get all the answers you need concerning your position or company of interest right away. Even if you are not looking for any job, it is also a great way to be up-to-date with the newest development in the field of technology and engineering!


Find all the details about Tech Fair and the companies participating in Tech Fair, visit [].

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