Be Friendly

previewI’ve been watching these videos that some McGill grads have been making on Youtube — Generation Y. They’ve essentially been recording themselves doing things they’ve never tried before. One of the main lessons they try to convey is that being friendly is key. We all hear about how important “networking” is. But there is a bit of a negative stigma on networking nowadays because it’s perceived as cheating the importance of working hard towards an education. In reality, networking is real life practice of the important skill of friendliness.

The truth is that the people that will stick in others minds are the people that know how to get along. What I mean by this is pinpointing something about a person that you know could make a great conversation starter. That is is achieved through asking a lot of questions. This the key!

It’s easy to feel like you don’t want to go out of your way. If you’re an introverted person, this may seem even harder. But every now and then, you may want to give it a shot. Who knows…maybe one day you’ll meet someone who has a great dream job opportunity to offer you. Maybe they can help you get that modeling gig you’ve always wanted. The point is that it doesn’t hurt to be friendly. Emotions are contagious. If you want to make a strong impression, make sure to give off that approachable vibe!

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