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As you all probably have heard and received many reminders about, course evaluations are now open for you to complete. Did you know for the past few years response rate has risen to 48%? Lend us your help to get push through 50%! Visit the McGill Mercury site now to complete your evaluations!

But what’s the big deal about these anyway? Does anyone care enough to read my responses? Fear not, sitting as the SSMU representative with the Course Evaluations Advisory Group is yours truly, and I’m here to say “Yes, your feedback is important!”

Let me start by saying that course evaluations are cool and whoever completes his or hers gains 5 more cool points. Before the first meeting with the Course Evaluation Advisory Group, I was skeptical too. I’m one of the 200 students in the class, and who gives a flying pickle about how I thought about my courses? That can’t be further away from the truth. My first interaction with the Advisory Group was at a brainstorming session open to all McGill members. People who showed up included but are not limited too, teachers, staff, many student association Prezs and VPs. And they came because they had ideas to put forward. Out of the meeting, tons of ideas were generated on to promote evaluations around campus. New ideas take a while to implement, but keep your eyes out for changes.

A common misconception is that you won’t receive benefits because you already had this course. The students next year will get more out of their time, and your next year gets better too. Later on you could get the same prof again. And if everyone leaves their feedback, we all benefit. We are all here to receive education from McGill, and it’s a two-way street. This may be a surprise to you, but most instructors heavily appreciate the students’ feedback. The instructors do put in a lot of effort to make the courses a better experience. Sometimes university feels like an academic meat grinder chucking out GPAs, but the good news is you can do something about it.

There is also a great guide on constructive feedback from Mercury as well. You will be providing feedback a lot in your future careers, so this is a wonderful chance to start practicing. Leaving genuine ratings and comments will ensure that the instructor reads everything.

A pro tip on evaluating courses:

  • Be specific about a specific section or topic of the course you liked/disliked, and if you got suggestions, please offer them.
  • Eg. I found the two sections on glucose metabolism too dense. An extra lecture or tutorial would have been helpful.

A pro tip on evaluating the professors:

  • The profs are humans too. If you have nothing you feel like saying, just pick out a small positive thing that was helpful.
  • Eg, I liked the easy-to-read slides, and having enough time to write down information. Please continue doing that.

Doing your course evals is a great excuse to take a break from studying hard, so head over to McGill Mercury site now to complete your evaluations!


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