Just Take a Deep Breathe


relaxFirst I’d like to say congratulations to everyone reading this, you survived all your midterms whether it have only been one round or two. And you know what that means? Not only is the semester almost over, but that means finals are beginning in about 3 weeks. I don’t blame you if that last sentence terrifies you, because I would definitely agree with you.


Keep an eye out on the McGill website because every year during finals they offer services to students to help them de-stress and cope with all their finals. Although I’ve never actually taken advantage of any of these services, I’m sure they are actually quite helpful. One of them that I know of is they have therapy dogs which you can just spend time with. What’s a better way to de-stress than playing with cute little dogs?


For some people exercise may be the key to letting off some steam. Whether you just need to go outside and take a walk around downtown, or even go to the McGill gym, exercising is a great way to forget about the world temporarily. If you want to know what you have access to at the McGill gym for free the best way to find out would be to check out their website online, and then go take advantage of all those things you can do!


Lastly, even just staying at home can be great. Take a break from studying for a day or two, because if you study non-stop I can guarantee you will go crazy. Just hide your books, sit on your couch, and watch TV/play video games/do something you love. If you hadn’t heard hockey has already started, so if that’s something you enjoy plan to take a relaxation day and watch the game at home. What’s better than rooting for your favorite hockey team?


The main point I want to get across is yes, finals are starting, but that’s no reason for you to start freaking out. Just think, once finals are over its winter break, and you’ve made it through half of the school year. Next semester will fly by, and then it’s summer. I believe in you guys!


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