Tunnel Your Way Around Campus

blocking-the-wayBrrr isn’t it cold outside? Temperatures are quickly approaching subzero, and the freezing descent has just started. It’s a hassle to put on winter attire between classes just to take them off a few minutes later. You will be pleasantly surprised there are plenty of ways to get around campus without ever exposing yourself to the chilly air.

It seems like many of the tunnels started out as maintenance tunnels and steam tunnels, but over the years a few became open for public use. The tunnels of McGill bring a lot of comfort and convenience to students and staffs alike, as they are kept at ambient temperature by AC. This is very useful in the Winter (as well as hot days in the Summer). Sometimes you will need a friend to guide you through the tunnels. I will describe the tunnels (and other indoor connections) that I have used or heard of. It was like a fun little treasure hunt for me, trying to locate these.

Let’s start with the south side of campus.

1. The Burnside-Maass-Schulich-FDA-McConnell-Macdonald-Pulp&Paper Network

One of the easy-to-spot entrances to the network is immediately on the right when entering campus through Roddick Gates. It’s the little staircase leading down to Maass and Burnside. From the Burnside basement snack bar you can head over to FDA, which is connected to all the hub for all Engineer-related business.

There is a great interactive guide provided by Unofficial McGill Guide.

2. Trottier-Rutherford-Wong-Genome Quebec

Starting from Trottier basement and facing the elevators, to the right a pair of doors lead to the basement of Rutherford. I only found out about this network a few days ago, and apparently the Rutherford basement connects to the basement of Wong. Then there is supposed to be a door on 3rd or 4th floor of Wong that gets into Genome Quebec.

3. Mclennan & Redpath Library-Service Point-Leacock-Arts-Dawson Hall

Service Point is joined to the basement of Mclennan, which is connected by the glass bridge to Redpath. Beyond the Première Moisson in the basement lies the entrance to the tunnel, which continues on to the Subway in the basement of the Arts building. From Arts building you can get to Dawson and Leacock easily. Also, if you take the main elevator in Leacock up to 3rd floor and turn left, you get to Dr. Penfield easily.

4. Stewart-McIntyre-Bellini

The life sciences are closely connected and so are their respective building. Stewart south has an elevator that brings you to the west wing, which is connected to the north wing. Located at the bottom of the north wing stairs is a tunnel that goes to McIntyre building. On the 5th of McIntyre beyond the snack bar is a door to Bellini, but unfortunately, you will need an authorized ID. (I had an authorized ID for the duration that I worked as a research assistant there). However, on 7th floor of McIntyre there is a a walkway into Bellini that does not require ID. A direct passage from Stewart north upper floors to Bellini is possible but I haven’t investigated it yet.

5. SSMU-Brown

Not really a tunnel, but comes in handy when walking uphill when the ice covers the ground. The main lobby of SSMU is connected to the Brown building basement. The Brown building has an exit on the third floor onto Dr. Penfield and Peel.

Have a safer and warmer Winter getting around, everyone!



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