Change is Constant

Every semester, I go through an ‘epiphany’ where I have a sudden realization of where my true passion lies. For that semester, I strut around campus confidently and certain that I have finally decided on my career path, just to experience another change of heart the following semester! It is exhausting to say the least! The uncertainty of not knowing what I want to be or what I will be doing in the future is daunting! However, I am glad that at McGill, I am (almost) able to change majors as much and as often as I want until I find that path I am destined to be on.

Before studying at McGill, I lived in the UK! I completed the IB Diploma in a school near London, and was offered admission to study Biochemistry at several universities in England including Imperial College London and University College London. When my father told me we were moving to Canada and I would have to give up my place at these prestigious universities, I was devastated! However, in retrospect, I am thrilled that I am currently studying at McGill University!

One thing McGill offers me that Imperial College and UCL wouldn’t have is: flexibility! At McGill, like most North American universities, students have the opportunity to enter college with an intended major, or even as ‘undeclared’! The college system gives students the ability to explore several fields of study and also allows them to take on electives in courses that may have nothing to do with their major or minor! Meanwhile, at universities in the UK, once admitted into Biochemistry I would have been confined to this field of study throughout my university career. If I had a change of heart regarding my interests and wanted to pursue a new career, I would have had to drop out of biochemistry, and reapply to the other program – essentially starting over!

This freedom to change is much appreciated by students like myself who are still at that stage of exploration and self-discovery! How am I supposed to know what I want to be at the age of 17? I can barely decide what color to paint my nails on a biweekly basis! I came to McGill under a Biology and Mathematics joint major! Even though I excelled at Math in High School, I soon realized it was not for me, so I chose to switch to Chemistry with a minor in Psychology and East Asian Studies! However, over the past summer, I developed a hatred for Chemistry, so I decided to switch to a major in Psychology with a minor in Chemistry (I had earned too many credits already and couldn’t let them go to waste!). However, I am currently am preparing to apply for an interfaculty transfer to the Faculty of Management!

My mind changes so often that I sometimes find it hard to keep up! Nonetheless, university is the right time and place for students to truly explore and discover themselves, their interests and passions! At McGill, I have been able to get a taste of several different fields of study and I am positive that by the time I receive my diploma, the degree listed on that valuable piece of paper will be the right one for me! I urge all my readers to take advantage of this flexibility that McGill has to offer, and to look at university as a learning experience! Never feel ‘stuck’ in a certain major! As I have learned in the past two and a half years at McGill, it is never too late to try something new!

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