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christmas-shopping‘Tis the season where our banks accounts take a huge dip. In one month it is Christmas which means shopping for friends and family, on top of our already current expenses. Some people may be thinking “oh great, now not only do I have to pay rent, tuition, books, I also have to worry about the holiday”. But no fear, this is where budgeting and being smart with your money will come in handy.

The reason I chose to write this post today is because today is also a holiday, it is American Thanksgiving. Now I, myself, am a Canadian but I love American Thanksgiving for one reason. Black Friday. Although it is specified as a Friday, most stores will keep their sales for the entire weekend and some even the whole week. These huge sales make it the BEST TIME TO GO CHRISTMAS SHOPPING.

You might not have time to go to each and every store (and heck I highly recommend you don’t, imagine the line ups!), but there’s this wonderful thing called online shopping. All those ideas for gifts you had have now become so much cheaper which means you’ll be saving on money and have more left over for your other expenses.

One thing I recommend if you notice you’re always short on cash is take a fraction of your money each week and either put it in an envelope or in a bank account you know you won’t touch. Even if you only put away 10$ a week, by the end of the year that’s 520$ you have saved up that you’ll have most likely forgotten about. If you do this each year, in the end it will add up to a nice amount of money.

If you’re ever struggling for quick ways to make cash the best solution I can come up with (sorry this is the psychology student in me) is to go volunteer for experiments! On Facebook there is a group dedicated for people posting that they are looking for volunteers or even just the Psychology groups on Facebook will have links to experiments. Most experiments pay 10$/hr if not more, (and a good portion of the time the experiments won’t last for the full designated time). Or if you’re ever in the Stewart Biology Building, just look at the bulletin boards, there are always advertisements placed there. Not only is it a quick way to make cash, but it is also a fun way as well.

I wish you the best of luck with your Christmas shopping and managing your finances, but as long as you’re careful I know you can do it!

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