‘Tis the Season for Research

research-tablet3It may only be two days before Christmas but at least we made it through the end of the semester! I can’t actually believe how overwhelmed I was at the end, especially during finals week. Balancing my lab, school work, and my job was a lot harder than I imagined but I think I made it through everything well.

I wanted to use this post to tell you guys a bit about my research experience. I began I think it was either the end of September or early October (sorry guys exams just finished my brain is dead), with regular meetings every Friday. At first it was just brief meetings discussing the main idea of the lab, the experiment which we will be taking a part of, and exactly how we are going to go about doing everything.

One thing I really like about the team I’m on at my lab is we don’t have one specific role; in other words, we are getting exposed to all the roles and having an equal chance to be apart of everything going on behind the scenes. So that means we aren’t only responsible for tasks such as photocopying and filing, but we will also get to actually be conducting the experiment and data entry. Also, if there is anything we are more interested in doing or something else we can think of our supervisor is more than glad to spend time in helping us.

The other great thing I really like is our lab supervisor (a.k.a. PhD candidate) really cares about us. He wants to know all of our goals and where we hope to end up. Knowing all of our goals he wants to make sure we each receive the adequate experience necessary and that we are exposed to everything we want to see. I was really glad to see that I would be getting the full-on lab experience, especially as it’s my first time ever in a lab and conducting research.

My last little bit of advice for you is when you’re applying to labs get a feel of the environment. I knew when I had my interview for this lab that it was a really friendly atmosphere. Just the fact of that, and having a supervisor who cares is making this experience all that more wonderful. It’s like that saying “if you love your job you will never work another day in your life”, and it definitely applies to volunteer experience as well.

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