Snowy Days, Relaxing Days

winterWell it may be four days late for Christmas, but the snow has finally arrived for winter. I myself do not enjoy winter all the much (I dislike the cold as well), but having been born and raised here I’ve grown someone used to it. Truth? You can never get used to -30 degree temperatures no matter how long you’ve lived here. If you’re like me and spending your two weeks off in Montreal, here are some fun things you can try out rather spending your time inside hibernating.

Olympic ParkMontreal
– This year they are getting a huge, long ice slide. If you enjoy tubing and what not, this is definitely a must. A part from that they also have an ice rink as well (and yes, you can rent skates there as well)! So why not plan a day, head out over there and enjoy the fun. They also have food on site, and during the nights they have a DJ there to play music.

Place Des Arts, Montreal
– New this year is an interactive winter playground featuring musical seesaws set up outside. I wouldn’t dedicate an entire day to this, but I would definitely stop by if you’re in the neighborhood. In the summer they have musical swings set up so as you swing it plays different notes. Now, they’ve incorporated the winter version, and I would go check it out (in fact I intend to).

Boxing Week, Everywhere
 From Boxing Day to Boxing Week, if you’re an avid shopper, looking for a certain something or interested in saving money; this is the week for you. Most stores (in fact I think almost ALL stores) have ongoing sales for this whole week. If you feel like staying indoors, especially like today when there is a snow storm, online shopping is meant for you. All online sites will showcase their boxing week sales, so go ahead and take advantage!

These are only a few suggestions of ways that you could spend your winter vacation relaxing. There is so much more you could do. You could go up to Mont-Tremblant for a fun-filled day of snowboarding, skiing, tubing, hiking and/or etc, Mont-Royal for a nice winter hike, the Old Port for whatever winter festivities set up, and so much more. If you’re still looking for things to do, Google will be your best friend, or even if you have any questions about things to do feel free to leave a comment and I will try to get back to you with some suggestions.

I hope you all are having a wonderful winter break, and I’ll see you all in the new year!

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