Prep-Course Review: GMAT


Beat-the-GMATNext in my review of prep-courses for various standardized tests is the Graduate Management Admission Test, more commonly referred to as the GMAT. Similarly to med schools and law schools that require MCAT and LSAT scores, most MBA programs also require a GMAT score. A lot of MBA programs require two years of post-graduate work experience, so preparing for the GMAT may see a little premature. But for those of you interested in pursuing joint JD/MBAs, it’s important to consider that both an LSAT and GMAT score are required. To be honest, I’m not at all familiar with the GMAT, nor do I have any friends who have experience with the GMAT or its prep-courses. But after conducting a little bit of research, it seems that the courses offered by Manhattan and Veritas are the most frequently recommended. Both companies offer a variety of different courses and study materials, but for the sake of comparison, I’ll be discussing their full-length prep-courses.

Manhattan’s full courses are a little on the pricey end with the live course and the online course starting at $1,599 and $1,200 respectively. But with the seemingly steep price comes highly qualified instructors. In fact, all instructors boast GMAT scores within the 99th percentile as well as 100 hours of training. Unfortunately, they don’t offer a money back guarantee. According to various reviews, Manhattan focuses on teaching the academic background of each concept rather than just test taking tricks. Another unique feature is their extended access. For the 9-months following the end of your course, you have unlimited access to online resources. Both the live and online courses include 27 hours of class instruction in a series of 9 sessions plus an additional 27 hours of “section” instruction (sections are one hour online meetings where students review homework assignments). If a flexible schedule’s important to you, don’t worry about missing a class or two. All classes are recorded and made available online. Furthermore, students often praise Manhattan for their easy online use and interface as well as additional self- study options.

Veritas’ courses are slightly more expensive with live courses starting from $1,650 and online courses from $1,350. Like Manhattan, Veritas instructors also boast a score in the 99th percentile, 100 hours of training but also require actual teaching experience. In contrast to Manhattan, Veritas does offer a satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not happy with your score, you can repeat a course of equal or lesser value within a year of your initial course for free. Veritas will also refund your tuition and offer you another course for free if you took a 36-hour Veritas Prep course after having written the GMAT and saw no improvement in your score. In terms of availability, Veritas offers classes for more courses in more locations. These include a 6 week course with sessions twice a week, a 6 week course with Saturday sessions only, a 3 week weekend only course and a one week immersion course. With such high quality instruction offered by both companies, enrolling in either a Manhattan or Veritas course is a great first step to take in pursuing an MBA.



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