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websitesIt seems like everyone’s got a website these days. Every company, every organization, they all got one. It’s not just a fad, more and more personal portfolio websites are popping up too. A personal website is a great way to showcase some of your works and interests, and with some tips you can really “wow” employers. Here are some things I learned when building my website.

All you need to work with is a computer with a stable internet connection, no experience required!

1. You don’t need to start from scratch

Use your favorite search engine to look up “free responsive html5 templates”, and browse through the selections to get a feel of all the styles of pages out there. If it’s your first time building, another great item to search is “free website builder”, many of which use a simple drag-and-drop interface to position all the objects of the web page. Some well-known ones are “”, “”, and “”. For the more experienced, downloading a template and using a text editor to modify bits and pieces is the way to go.

2. Many options to host your site

Search “free web hosting” and you get a ton of results, but mostĀ of them host for free because they stick annoying advertisements on your page. That doesn’t look very professional. So consider paying a few bucks a month to keep the site ads-free. It’s only the cost of a cup of coffee. Alternatively, some free and ads-free places are “” and “”. This option may be slightly more technical to set up, but many walkthroughs/tutorials/videos exist to guide one through the steps.

3. Network all the pieces together

To pull everything together, add links of your linkedIn to your website and vice versa. Also include any other professional resources that are relevant to you. Finally, let potential employers know by adding the website link to your CV.

Voila, hopefully without running into too many issues you got your site up and running. For reference, I used a template from “”, modified it, and hosted on “”. The process takes only an afternoon (although I spent many extra hours looking through pretty web designs).


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