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applyDid you ever think back to your welcome week at McGill and think that you would gain a lot of experience if you got to help out with it the next year? Well wait no longer, applications have now opened for all of the welcome events taking place in the summer.

Some of these events are week long, whereas eithers are one day events. So if you do not think you’ll be able to commit to a full week of volunteering there are still opportunities where you can help out and volunteer for one day. One of those opportunities is called CSI – Cegep Student Information. It is a one day event held at the beginning of June for newly admitted students coming from Cegep. You will be helping out with setting up, checking in these new students, tours and much more. It’s a great chance to show off how much you know about McGill.

Another opportunity, this time week long, is Frosh. Unfortunately I did not take part in Frosh my entering year, but from what I have heard, it sounds like it makes for a really great welcoming. If you enjoyed your Frosh, or missed yours and want a chance to see what it’s like, I definitely recommend you apply.

What else? Discover McGill & Engage McGill, which is a day-long event held at the end of August. Discover McGill is held during the day, and it is the first time where all students get a chance to finally meet before classes. Games are held, a class picture is taken, and you get to explore the entire McGill campus. Engage McGill takes place that following evening, with food & events held through the night. I went to Discover McGill and I definitely recommend volunteering for this, it would be a great opportunity.

If you don’t have time to help out in Montreal or even if you’ll be away for the summer, one more thing I could recommend is the Student Life Ambassador Program, where you are paired with a new student for the summer. You will be responsible for communicating with this student throughout the summer and answering any questions they may have. You will basically be providing them with all the necessary information before they begin classes.

Don’t wait too long to apply! Applications for all these programs have already opened, and last until the end of March. Here is the link to apply for any of the mentioned positions (plus more!): http://www.mcgill.ca/peerprograms/node/616/

Good luck and happy reading week!

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